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Hi, we're the UP for Learning team!


We're the UP for Learning team!


Here are some of the common challenges that schools face:

  • Lack of engagement
  • Inequity
  • Unhealthy relationships between students, students and teachers/administration, and everything in-between
  • Teacher burnout and stress
  • Lack of understanding of social-emotional learning
  • School safety issues

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  • Are you an educator, school administrator, student or parent/caregiver looking for effective solutions to mental health issues, behavioral problems, and the lingering trauma from the pandemic?
  • Do you want to create a safe and trustworthy environment where students feel heard, understood, and engaged?

Need Effective Solutions for Mental Health Challenges in Education?

Three Tiers Of Restorative Practices

Here's how our free online course can help your school: An approach that helps students, teachers, administrators, and your community

Build community, create a healthy school climate, develop social emotional skills for all students, enhance a sense of belonging, and develop authentic communication between students, teachers, and staff.

Tier 1


Tier 2

Emphasize repairing relationships, engage individuals harmed and responsible for the harm, move away from punitive responses towards active accountability, and facilitate development of social-emotional capacity and empathy.


Tier 3

Support, guide, and welcome youth back into the community after suspension, medical leave, or disengagement.


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Youth have taken on active leadership roles in UP Programs since 2008

Number of youth-adult teams in VT schools since 2008

States/nations with teams working with UP: VT, DE, GA, MA, MS, NH, Cherokee Nation, Nepal

VT High Schools that have participated in UP Programs




Your course creator -

UP For Learning by the numbers:


"Successful restorative practices implementation begins with a shift in our hearts and minds. It is not a magic bullet approach but something that requires mindful awareness of our beliefs about students, ourselves, and our community."

VT RP Practitioner

"I used to be more of a strong leader, telling people what to do. Now that I’ve learned to facilitate, I help other people to work together."

Blue Mountain Union student and UP intern

"It is exciting to know that I am a part of a group that is going to improve the PLP for so many students."

Vergennes student and UP action team member

What will you learn?

Restorative Practices is a proven approach that fosters stronger student-teacher relationships, reduces racial disparities in discipline, improves social-emotional well-being, and boosts school engagement and attendance. It's a relationship-based framework that builds resilience and creates a positive school climate.


By adopting Restorative Practices, you can help students struggling with mental health and behavioral challenges understand how their actions affect others, talk about their issues, and feel more comfortable in their learning environment.



Our nonprofit, UP for Learning, in partnership with the VT Restorative Approaches Collaborative, has created a FREE video module that introduces you to the transformative power of Restorative Practices

Our online course will guide you in:

How to shift from hierarchical decision-making to respectful collaboration

The science and benefits of Restorative Practices

Promoting open communication and stronger dialogue

Creating performance-based assessments that reflect your school community

Implementing changes to school organization, structure, policies, curriculum, and schedules

Co-creating a trusting and respectful environment.

Creating performance-based assessments that reflect your school community

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